Rahee Natural Seeds

बीज ऐसा; हीरे जैसा

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Jadhav Tailors Farm started producing high-quality and high-yielding onion seeds in 1990. An initiative by Shri Ramrao Jadhav, a progressive farmer, Rahee believes that farming can give happiness, peace, and economic stability not only to farmers but also to the larger community around us.

The selection of quality seeds is the first step towards it.

Jadhav Tailors Farm was organised as a private limited company in 2021 named ‘Rahee Natural Seeds Pvt. Ltd.' We focus on research, development, production, processing, and marketing of onion seeds for Indian farmers.

Our trusted and progressive farmers have helped us evolve as a trustworthy seed brand over the last three decades. Today we serve more than 15,000 farmers from 10 states across India. We have just begun. We have many more acres to deliver a positive impact in the future.

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